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  • 2012 Various Fitness Competitions

      2012 Team Universe Teaneck NJ Here is a quick snip of my year in fitness competitions.. 2013 will be even bigger!!

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    Maine [Personal Vacation]

    Had an amazing week with my wife up in Maine. If you ever have a chance to go don’t waste a second thinking about it.. Not just the best seafood, but the best food ever.. check out some of the food and sites from our trip..

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    SHREDZ Exotic Midnight Car Run

    I just popped my Cherry. I had the unique pleasure of being hired as the first photographer to cover the 1st annual Exotic Car Midnight Run sponsored by SHREDZ. SEE PHOTOS HERE.

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    “Crew Six” Reality Show Promo Shoot

    Liz Gaspari from Gaspari Nutrition is starring in this new reality show and I was fortunate enough to shoot the cast members of this upcoming series. I can’t tell you what its called but I can show you a sneak peak of the images from today’s shoot…

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    SHREDZ Summer Launch Event

    They say that you don’t truly under what it means to experience VIP service until you visit NYC/NJ. Honestly, I can’t vouch for any of the states I haven’t visited during my travels, but – without a doubt – I know the party patrons from the shores of New Jersey always know how to throw an [...]

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    SEVAG Shoot

    If you don’t know who DJ SEVAG is than get out from under the rock that you have been living in. He’s the hottest DJ in NJ and he spins exclusively at Mister East and I recently shot with him in Hoboken NJ. see some images here:

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    Dassault Falcon Ad Campaign

    Just got back from D.C. where I shot the new Ad campaign for Private jet company Dassault Falcon, Flying around in private jets is definitley the way to fly. I don’t think I can go back to flying any other way. This Ad campaign will spearhead their efforts to gain share in their Asian markets. [...]

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