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     Amongst the many lessons that my father, a musician, repeated is that "Art is a way of life." Interestingly enough, it is fair to assume that when my parents chose to name me after the infamous Ludwig Von Beethoven they expected me to master at least one musical instrument.. at some point - maybe??

     At an early age i thought I found my instrument, the pencil.  I loved to draw, sketch, create; I wanted to be an artist. but then highschool, sports and life took over and the dream of becoming an artist took a back seat. A funny thing happened in 2008 when my daughter was born... I picked up a camera "my new instrument" and I honestly haven't looked back since. It has been my goal since then to create great art with my vision, a collection of lenses and my Canon - My Instrument. Photography is my Passion. It's what I love to do and now I will never put it down... soo I invite you to come on this journey with me, my beautiful wife Janelle and our three beautiful girls... look at some of the art I have had the pleasure of creating, see some of the people I get to share my time with... for me pictures are more than just photographs, they are images, and images last a lifetime...

     In a nut shell... I love to Snowboard. I love music. All kinds. 72% of the television that I watch is divided between Disney and Nickelodeon (for my daughter's sake). There is no such thing as bad Pizza. I paintball, on occassion, but when I do, I don't have to rent. I would go crazy without my camera, family or my laptop. In no particular order.

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